New Building Design

Photography: Tyler Meade

Building a new home is an exciting process that takes care and attention to detail. Several factors need to be considered beginning with your lot location, direction and grade. The type of house you are able to build depends on these factors and should be taken into consideration before you begin. Custom plans are a great way to achieve your design needs as there is flexibility in the floor plan, exterior fa├žade, roof line and overall architectural appeal.


Factors that should always be taken into consideration with any home design are passive solar and passive ventilation techniques. These techniques are very easy to achieve and useful during extreme temperatures and climates in Kamloops and area. Passive solar is used to limit the amount of direct sun on windows during the summer months when the sun is high, while allowing indirect natural light to filter in. This is useful to keep your house comfortable in the summer and use less energy on cooling. The opposite is true in the winter, using the sun as a heat source by allowing the low winter sun to penetrate in helps keep your home warm and bright. Window placement and roof overhangs are key in creating this affect. Passive ventilation is a similar technique that uses window placement to create cross breezes that allow good natural air flow.


These are just a few strategies used by All by Design when considering the creation of a new home.


Photo: Danielle Fauteux of All by Design receiving Keystone Award for Best Renovation $300K+