Custom Home Plans

Designing a new structure whether it’s a custom home or for commercial use is a process that takes care and attention to detail. Having an experienced designer will make this process smooth and efficient. All by Design uses an effective process that has been fine-tuned over years of experience and achieves every client’s desired results. (See Design Process below)


Design Process


Every job is different and therefore a meeting is required to price your project. Average rates range from:

Hourly: $100/Hour Design Fee

Square Foot: $2.00/Square Foot +


New Construction, Renovation & Addition Design rates are based on 3 factors: 1) The time is takes to complete the project (hourly rate) 2) The square footage of the building and 3) The complexity of the structure IE: the more complex the structure, the more detail drawings required for it to be built.


All these factors are taken into consideration when pricing a project and ultimately billing for the final product. Please feel free contact All by Design to discuss in more detail if you have any question about design fees.


Photo: Danielle Fauteux of All by Design receiving Keystone Award for Best Renovation $300K+